Property management


As one of the pioneering Airbnb concierge companies in Paris, our family-run and traditional company has gained extensive experience in the furnished rental market.

We have gained recognition as a leading concierge service in Paris, which has allowed us to expand our services not only within France but also internationally. Our catalog includes luxurious villas in France, Morocco, Italy, Mauritius, Thailand, Bali, and the Caribbean.

Building on this experience, we are now expanding our concierge service in London.

Owners choose us as their trusted partner because we are an independent company with a great attention to detail. Being a human-sized company, we are your local team on the ground which means your property is never overlooked.

We take care of every detail, 365 days a year, allowing our owners to focus on the things they love most. Our services include professional property photography, tenant search, management of online ads, reservations, price optimization, customer reception, maintenance and cleaning and much more. Our goal is to help you achieve maximum monthly income.

Short, medium or long term, we adapt according to the wishes of our partner owners. We don't believe in a personalized approach and understand that every property and owner is unique.



1/ Integration in our catalog

To add your property to our catalog:

  • We will work together to determine the net price per night or per month depending on the desired rental period.
  • If necessary, we will organize a professional photography session 
  • We will create a new listing on our website and on our professional profiles with our partners (Airbnb,, Vrbo)
  • Together, we will validate the reservation and cancellation policies, as well as the availability periods.
  • We work diligently every day to find you the best possible tenants.

2/ Rental management in Paris and London

In Paris and London, we have dedicated teams with whom we have established long-standing relationships. We prioritize personal interaction and do not rely on "key boxes" for guest arrivals. We take care of all aspects of guest management and provide them with all the necessary details even before their trip begins. With us, customers never have to request anything, but if they do, we will be there to ensure that every need is met.

We have a knack for hospitality. During guest check-in, we warmly welcome them, explain the procedures and provide them with the keys. Before and after check-in, we conduct property inventories. We collaborate with local cleaning partners who are trained and informed about our strict cleaning protocols. Periodic deep cleanings are typically scheduled.

Additionally, rental income is sent to you from the day the guests arrive at your property, directly to your bank account.

After each rental, we thoroughly inspective property to ensure it has been left in good condition. We are also readily  available to swiftly address any maintenance issues that may arise. We partner with local artisans who are skilled in fixing or updating your property's amenities.

3/ Rental management for villas, riads and chalets

When it comes to renting out your villa in a sunny destination, a riad in Marrakech, or a ski chalet, we follow the same approach, maintaining a close relationship with your own staff. Once the rental has been confirmed with our clients, we facilitate communication between all parties involved to ensure a seamless arrival and stay to the guests. We are always available to assist your house staff during the rental period.



By working as a family we have redefined the concierge service by offering a more personalized, generous and attentive approach. We strive to understand our customers to the fullest extent, allowing us to provide the most tailored support.

Thanks to our dynamic partnerships with leading rental platforms such as Airbnb, and Vrbo, combined with our extensive client portfolio, our partner properties currently enjoy an occupancy rate ranging from 93% to 100% throughout the year.

With our expertise and dedication, we ensure that your property remains a profitable and hassle-free investment. We understand the unique challenges that come with renting out your property, from handling guest inquiries and reservations to managing check-ins, cleanings and maintenance. We are here for you, to take care of all aspects of managing your property.

We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results and exceeding our clients expectations. When you partner with us, you can expect personalized attention and an approach tailored to your specific needs.

What can you expect from a concierge company like ours? Peace of mind and guaranteed income every year. We take care of everything and manage your property as if it were our own. Your success is our priority.