Our services

A multi-platform distribution

Thanks to our partnership with the specialized rental platform such as Airbnb, HomeAway, Booking.com, TripAdvisor, we will create a new listing of your property on our professional profile. You benefit from the many good reviews we already have. We will spread your listing over 20 international websites.

Professional photography

One of our photographers will come for a professional shooting of your home. We will work with our own pictures of your property to optimize the rentals. We will advertise your place with great pictures on the rental platforms and also on the social media like Instagram or Facebook.

Payment system

We will manage all the payments for you. Easy and simple, we make sure to collect the money during the reservation process. Payments are secured and made by bank transfer directly to your bank account. You will receive the booking amount the same day of the arrival of the guest.

Personalized follow-up

Having a good relationship with you is very important for us. We will follow up the rental of your property with you all over the year and have a direct communication with you anytime.

100% hassle-free

Everything is managed by us from the beginning. You receive by email the follow-up from any requests, confirmations, bookings, payments. We do everything for you.

Planning updated

We keep the booking schedule updated everyday and write you a confirmation as soon as a new booking arrives. We manage your bookings and planning 7 days a week.

Prices adjusted

All over the year, we adjust the prices of your property according to the seasons or to the main events, and also depending on the market. You will be able to maximize your bookings all year round.

From 15% commission

Our fees are from 15% on the rent amount. We send you the balance of the rent directly to your bank account.  It is a win-win situation: we only earn money if you do as well. This fee includes our service, postings on websites for holiday rentals, advertisement management and reservation management



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